Welcome to my Photography Website!! 

My name is Sivani and I'm from India. You're probably wondering how this whole website thing is related to me and why I chose to be a freelance photographer but I will give it my best shot to tell you why I really started this.

Well, here's a little bit about me: I'm pursuing Psychology and Data science (I know, double majoring is tricky). Some of my hobbies are Oil painting, playing the drums and quite surprisingly reading books! 

Photography really didn't come into the picture until very recently. I did really love taking pictures though, mostly dry landscapes but nothing to do with nature.

A while back however, I read a book about the Bhagavad Gita (An important Hindu Scripture) and came across a very significant yet fascinating viewpoint of life... That is, Nature really symbolises the cycle of life. Every leaf, every flower and every tree exists for a purpose. They all work together to give life in the form of nature to us. I was so fascinated by the various colours, shapes and sizes that I slowly started taking pictures of the things that caught my eye.


I believe that by capturing  these pictures, I can connect myself better with whats out there.

I hope you guys like it!